Who’s a WoW MoM!

A female, A woman, A girl, Creating and juggling between ………endless roles.

We, women, play a lot of different roles in life and adorn different hats too.

In the journey of Life, we forget our identity with a span of time, but we are a lot, we mean a lot.

A girl, A lady, A daughter, A sister, A wife, A daughter-in-law, A Mother, A friend and a lot more.

Sometimes we forget the real woman behind all these roles.

And the most life-changing role is of being a mother, truly said it’s a second life.

An MoM, when turned upside down, is WoW and truly a mom or mother is a really a wow creation of nature.

Dedicating a small poem to WoW MoM

She is antiseptic to wounds, She is a fresh flower in a room,

She is a solution to problems, She is available in boredoms,

She is a sleepless night, still, She is an early morning all bright,

She is the strength to deal with fears, She is wealth to remove tears.

She can smile even when stressed, She can play even when tired,

She understands your silence, She answers your unasked questions,

She is a best friend when you are in trouble and trials,

She is always there so you are not alone,

She is a blessing and always caressing,

From dusk to dawn she loves and cares,

She supports, she protects,

She guides, she suggests,

She is patience, she is guidance,

She can take all roles, but no one fits her place,

She is a masterpiece, She is way apart,

She is a juggler with all tasks at home, She is the best creation of nature.

It’s true that one understands life more beautifully when you become parents and more importantly a Mother.

But my one pointer in this journey girls, ladies, please please find time for yourself, pamper yourself, give time to self, its not bad to be selfish for little time. Please don’t overdo anything for money or matters or just being a mother. You are more than your roles, You are a WoW Woman of Wonders

Here I am realizing the essence of women once again with 9 days of wisdom woman with #iamwisdomwoman by little Duniya.

Catch more tomorrow with Sanjota


  1. You know what I love about this poem of yours. It shows the pride you carry to be a woman… and that is what first and foremost required to be present in every woman. She should be proud to be one. The essence stored in these lines makes it more beautiful.
    Happy Women’s Day to you

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, Sanjota A MoM is a unique human. And thanks yes I am trying my hands at poems these days. I am loving the rhyming words a lot.


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