“Through the dark night chasing the morning light
That headlight streaming white through the night”
Richard L. Ratliff

There is something alluring and captivating about this man in black. I looked at him searchingly, he paused to look at it again. Let me tell a tale about this mysterious character who just walked past me on an empty platform, which was just vactaed an hour ago as a result of threat call of bomb in passenger train which is full of commuters going for there daily routines.

He is back with the bag of hope on his shoulders. The same shoulders which had once taken responsibility to change everything around. It was another day of responsibility for him and he had successfully completed the task. The dawn has broken and it’s time he has to go back to his abode. When the train stopped, like everybody else he got off and walked back along the platform, clueless, full of thoughts, and lot more.

architecture-black-and-white-blur-1762182He diffused it successfuly once again and lady luck was also on her side. Yes he was a bomb disposal expert. And there he is walking calmly on the empty station after saving so many lives.

Soon the normal functioning and movement of trains will begin, life will be back to normal, but will he be calm insides, will he be normal so soon. That one moment of life and death at same time is something he had experienced many times and then he has always gone in silence for days.  His mind and heart were still in the big, blank nothing.

But the Sun will rise again and life will move ahead.


Linking it with #TellTaleThursday with Anshu & Priya



    1. Thanks, Anshu it’s my pleasure to be part of #TellTaleThursday family. Yes, this what clicked me looking at the picture of an empty platform.


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