The good old envelop of memories


Happy 2019.

Back from a winter vacation long break, and getting back to routine is not easy. House needs special attention, cleaning, organizing, dusting. Wardrobes are calling me for arranging them, kitchen is calling me for washing, cleaning, re-arranging etc, lawn is calling me for nurturing and suddenly I get stuck. Had to replace winter clothes with summer as the season has changed big time in beginning of January. I already stay in cold weather but now it has touched its peak. The extreme cold and chill calls for thicker quilts, woolen over coats, socks, caps needs a fresh space after sleeping in trunks for about 7-8 months. I was making more space in cupboard as jackets and coats take more space and while pushing the already sitting things a bit left and bit right and to help accommodate the new members stay with ease in cupboard suddenly an envelop touched my fingers. In my mind I said why the hell had I kept documents in this cupboard and picked it up from below the pile of clothes. A brightly vibgyor shaded envelop, just the glimpse and it took me to time travel to year 2011. Before I removed the content of envelop all was virtually visible to me.

It was made when my kiddo was missing his dad who was on a post long long far away. No mobiles were even accessible and it use to be days when we got to chat with him once in 2-3 days thanks to BSNL. My kiddo had made this for dad’s birthday, 15 days well in advance to reach him on time on his post.

My brat has very soft heart and very emotional. He was and is always my support when I had to handle everything all alone. Well, did I tell you that in 2011 he was only 5 year old and yes I am very much true in saying that my 5 year old was my biggest support in times all alone.

This card was his own idea where he searched for his pic and just cut the face and stick it to the superman image he had drawn (sorry but smiley has replaced the face). Was not very good at writing much then, so whatever he got in my stationary box he just pasted it.

old memory

It was a simple sketch and no colours as he wanted it simple and sober. But this sketch says a lot and its one of the lovely memory of that place and tennure we had. His super dad in superman costume, his athletic dad always on run so he added specially that his dad is a running dad. He tried his best to sketch as many sports he had seen till that age which his dad use to play, badminton, running, football, squash, golf to name a few.

MY bigger M candy is dad’s copy and no wonder for him his dad is his ideal. At the time of year when uri is played in cinema halls I’m proud of my family and super M’s super-dad.

This card is more memorable to me as exactly after this card’s d-day i held in my hand our new member of family when his dad came running down some how just for 2 days break. Have lots of cards in my closet but this has a special story and memory attached to it.

We – when I say “we” I include myself the silent rank and my beautiful boys in this journey who are proud to be strong and brave humans. I’m sure all those who have seen URI are very proud of our armed forces and that too when we recently celebrated Army Day and this weekend we will proudly celebrate 70th Republic Day. It makes me feel so proud to write this article in new year 2019 celebrating all these proud days along with a mega release of block buster URI and in hand is this beautiful creation of my future officer which took me back in beautiful even if sometimes testing times.  Proud to be part of this family and proud to be an Indian along with a Proud OG wife.

To end it I can ask you all “Howe’s the Josh?”——


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  1. Welcome back, Pragun. After a long time, felt good to read your post. I haven’t watched Uri, but have heard many stories of the soldiers and the women behind it. Tough life for both and still they come out fearless and respectful. That’s a lovely card, Pragun, I am sure your hubby was happy on receiving it. Reminded me of the scene from Border where they read the much awaited letters from family.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Anshu, Yes back after a digi break, feels refreshed. I will suggest you do watch, spare lil time whenever you can. Thanks for appreciating card and yes you are right when you virtually imagine the scene from border movie, although it’s not that dramatic as they show but yes filled with emotions, love & longing for sure.


  2. The Indian army and the family of armed forces deserve all our love and respect.If not for them we wouldnot live in peace.My best wishes for the little one.

    Liked by 1 person

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