Traveling with Kids

Traveling is always fun with family, I had been traveling with my children even when they were lap babies. I learned a lot when we traveled with our elder son and challenges increased when the younger one also arrived, but travel was always on the list. My travel made me learn a lot and I ensured the travels got better and happier and convenient every-time we planned ahead. We had traveled in planes, trains, buses, long trips in cars and treks too, and all were a different experience.

Our major travel are by road in our mini truck, Here are few of my suggestions to lovely moms and dads planning but are afraid to travel with their young one’s.

Few things must to carry-

Games/ books for kids to keep occupied

  • Small board games like ludo, snakes & ladders etc which are easy to carry, this helps when they are at times getting bored in hotel rooms sometimes. This always helps me keep them occupied along with me spending quality time with children.
  • His/ Her favorite small toys to keep entertained, like small teddy, any soft toy, few cars or small doll.
  • Favorite rhymes in iPod or tab or your phone to keep him/ her engaged, but no games, please.
  • Few story books which you can read or he/she can read himself, Block books for toddlers.
  • A soft ball to play.

Extra essentials to carry-

  • Sipper
  • Bib for emergency eats in car/ plane etc.
  • One extra dress in your handbag
  • Quilt/ blanket to cover, gives a quick nap.
  • newspaper and garbage bags to throw soiled diapers
  • Swimming costume as pool is found in all good hotels these days.
  • A packed surprise gift…to keep busy…and amused


  • Two sets of napkins
  • Hand sanitizer
  • paper soap
  • Vomiting bags
  • Wipes
  • Towel
  • Diaper
  • Rash cream, I use to carry sudocreme it’s very very effective.
  • Tube of odomos or fabric roll on
  • Baby powder
  • Baby shampoo
  • Liquid soap
  • Cotton balls (avoid earbuds during travel for toddlers)
  • Do make a small zip pouch preferably transparent bag/ pouch which has three things: one diaper, small pack of wipes and small sheet to lay him down in case you need to change in flight washroom. It really helped me when I traveled alone with my 5 months old.

Medical kit

A small kit with basic medicines for fever, vomit etc. I carry crocin, cetirizine, ibuprofen, colicacid, calpol and band-aid too. Do carry a bottle of hajmola as travel at different places may cause indigestion sometimes.


I prefer to carry few eatables even if we are sure to stay in a comfortable place to be on safer side.

  • Milk powder for emergency milk hunger
  • Bournvita/ coffee pouches
  • Chocolates/ muffins/ Popsicle
  • Assortment of sweets, I carry laddu, sweet shakarpara.
  • Biscuits, chips, wafers
  • I do carry home made chakli, chewda, namkeen, namakpare etc too.
  • Cup-o-noodles just in case you don’t get that perfect meal or for urgent hunger.

On Road Trips

When driving down I ensure to carry a warm blanket as we prefer driving trips to begin at 5 am when kids are in deep sleep so blanket ensures their sleep is continued and we can cover maximum distances. On 1st day I carry cold sandwiches and parathas/ poori’s from home till we get good eating joint when traveling by car on long trips. Prefer clean restaurants for breaks as kids may need to freshen up.

While traveling with kids they become the utmost priority and this only helps to make trips memorable. Start with small trips if you are not comfortable or are afraid, but do try, this is the way children also learn to adjust, travel and enjoy with family.



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