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She asked me do you have an extra one?

I was surprised what did I have in extra, was a little confused.

I again asked her what exactly do you want?

She looked around and sheepishly, shyly asked me do I have cotton or cloth?

I said yes a lot of clothes, why do you need and then she turned around and went into a corner asking me to come here and then asked me do I have something for that?

and then I understood, I immediately went to my cupboard and handed her the pad.

that day I didn’t realize but again after 4-5 months, she requested me in emergency and sorry tone that rang the bell in my head.

My maid is a big help to me, always there in need, I always bought her gifts, clothes, things for her kids etc as she was a sweetheart.

But that day I realized what about her and her important days, why she is using still a cloth?

A friend suggested a share, Yes and then I started working upon #apacktoshare.

Whenever I buy my monthly pack I do a pack for her too. This won’t burn my packet but I can gift hygiene to her at least.

I hereby appeal or say request as you take it, to all my dear women friends that when you buy a pack of sanitary pads just buy one more to share, yes you heard it right! Buy one more! For whom?

Well, for the one in need or the one who still is shy to buy and uses the cloth.

Either for your maid or for her daughter or anybody who you think is in need of it.

Let it be a monthly habit as it’s hardly going to burden your pocket.

I know dear padman has already shared this information on widescreen but still, there are women out there who are using cloth which can be the reason for infection or other diseases etc.

So try and share a pad gift her a smile and comfort.

This share will be a great share instead of sweets etc., and we can also teach them how to use and also disposing of it properly.

I hope my word can bring a smile to the face who had spend years in discomfort.


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  1. This is a beautiful blog that describes the organised and clear head of the blogger. The way the introduction is made, it appears that blogger knows what she is doing. I am sharing this particular blog post as I am moved by thoughtful and kind nature of the blogger towards the problem of a fellow human being.

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  2. With the title and the first line of the post, I thought it’s something related to the pack of cigarettes. That’s the beauty of a good piece of writing, it looks like something else and comes out to be completely different by the end. I really appreciate your thoughts behind this noble deed. Made me think about it, I start also start sharing a pack to someone in need every month now.

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  3. What a wonderful thought. Such small steps we can take to actually help the people who need our help. I am definitely starting this habit from this month onwards.

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  4. Brilliant idea! It takes a very large heart to write and implement the idea of a pack to share. Imagine, if we all did this, it will create a positive impact on so many lives. Kudos to your thought process! #MyFriendAlexa #MayuraReads

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