Serene Scene


Word of the Day – Serene

calm, peaceful, and untroubled; tranquil, an expanse of clear sky or calm sea.

This serene scene can keep me occupied for hours, My favorite place for de-stressing, relaxing and spending time with me and only my thoughts and musings.

This place is so peaceful and calm, and I am worried by nothing:

This landscape subject is clean and serene, not overdone with unnecessary detail which makes my mind completely clear and fine.

Linking with  Tuesday Photo Challenge on the theme ‘Scene’   this week

Linking up with Wordless Wednesday created by Esha and Natasha.



9 thoughts on “Serene Scene

  1. Wow Prague, this is awe-inspiring. Totally blown away by the calm energies of this snapshot.
    I’m always curious to know more about the picture- where was it taken and is that the sea or a lake?

    Thank you for linking with us on #WW


  2. Nature at its best and dusk has its own charm, when we sit back and gaze at that narrowing horizon and reflect on things gone by and assimilate the old emotions with the changing shades of the surrounding. The engulfing darkness and trying to take over the power of light and silence makes the milieu mystical. Just the moments we need to savour and it is the sublime experience that sails through with us and the words fails to capture the true essence of the moments.
    Thanks for sharing, enjoyed the little dialogue with the scene.

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