‘30 Things That Make Me Happy


What makes me happy, oh! numerous things, but when it came to listing them down I had to rethink and that too 30, okay so here I go…

WOW: 30 Things That Make You Happy

I am a passionate lover of panchtatwas as well as Panchmahabhutas and the way they shape and make our lives. This is how I keep my all panchmahabhutas and mind happy. Be it sight, taste, touch, sound or smell and I will add thought/ mind to it and happiness is all we can give them to help them be in balance and harmony for a better life filled with wellness. So here I begin my list associated with well being and happiness associated with them.



The Fire element is said to be associated with vision/ or roop.

food/ Agni is surely the best choice to make your sight happy. Visual appeal and colour can soothe eyes.

I am a simple earthy soul who can be happy just with the sight of her kids early morning when she gets up.

I get happy when I see that long-awaited mail form special someone.

I get happy when I get to read a new story with that piping hot cup of tea accompanied with it.

I get happy when I click a picture and immediately I write about it.

I also get happy when its holiday the next day and I can watch an art movie of my choice late at night on mobile.


pizza-2810589_1920The Water element is said to be associated with taste/ or rasa.

I get happy when I get bed tea along with biscuits to dip in.

I get happy when I eat hot cheesy pizza.

I get happy when the tangy taste automatically turns my face into an animated cartoon.



The space element is said to be associated with sound/ shabda. The sounds nature or space gives are always soothing and magnetic.

Hearing, Ears, Space, and sound all are connected when vibrations are absorbed. See the power of chanting and its vibrations

I get happy when my kids heartily say that I’m the best, even if it’s in only there eyes, but it makes my day.

I get happy when I hear the sound of bells tinkle from temple and church ring in unison in my surroundings.

I get happy when I listen to that old lovely song which is my favourite.


romance-1838148_1920The Earth element is associated with the smell or as its called gandha. Who can resist the earthy smell of mud, or earthy smell of charcoal barbeque?

I get happy when the meal I had cooked turns out to be perfect as I had wished for.

I get happy when I dig deep in my trunks and find that old classic book, the feel, the touch and the smell of paper is happiness undefined.

I get happy when its puran poli, and puri bhaji time at home and I can smell it from a distance.



The Air element is said to be associated with touch/ sparsha. Have we not touched the soul’s distance apart through the touch of air.

I get happy when I touch the water of the river, sitting on the banks of it, it’s a refreshing feel.

I get happy when I visit someone and I get to see there book library, it’s a treat to my eyes and soul.

I get happy when I am useful to others in any way, be it just filling the form in a bank, picking up bags for an elderly neighbour, feed someone with my hands.

I get happy when I play with my kids.

I get happy when I finish a book and then writes down my favourite lines from it.



I get happy when a thought crosses my mind and I am able to write/ frame a story.

I get happy when it’s holiday and I get to sleep those extra hours early morning.

I get happy when I help someone and that thankyou which I receive is my best gift.

I get happy when I am able to express my thoughts in perfect words on my blog.

I get happy when I get a chance to walk down hilly terrain near my house to relax and give time to myself.

I get happy when I create a poetry of my musings.

I get happy when I think of my blog, my personal page, my creative hangout.

I get happy simply when I am at my workstation on my desktop.

I get happy when we return home after a trip/ travel and I am framing an article to write on that memoir of our travel.

I get happy when I am alone at home with just my thoughts and my cup of kauphi.

I get happy when I think and plan for that cafe which is my dream yet to come true.

I am happy when I get a mail from blogadda stating I can put a wow badge for a particular article.


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  1. Pragun, this is such a beautifully written. I read and re-read your post twice, hit the subscribe button and then I’m commenting here. You writing has a very peaceful ring to it. Loved it.

    Liked by 1 person

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