Wednesday WordLove

Word of the Day – Manoeuver


I love words and this tongue-twisting word of my childhood is one of my favorite words till date. So share any word that’s your favorite, right a small story or poem or just a share on that word and tag along with me if you are also a logophile.

It’s a new venture for me so please contribute, advice, suggestions and help me throw this linky party with all my lovely co-bloggers.

Manoeuver means a skillful plan, a careful move. I always strive to manoeuvre my lifestyle and be more organized and move ahead stepwise.

Manoeuvre through life

I live life queen size

Stepwise I plan

sometimes I fall

Yes I get up

To plan and plan

In the crowd, I moved

with expert manoeuvre skills

yet I get lost in small spills

Never stop learning

Never stop exploring

if you want your boat of life

to be maneuvered in style.


Please join with your favourite words here.






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