Three’s a Crowd


Both were happy

because they were both

they were two

suddenly enters three

a new one in life

is it crowd???

or is it allowed??


they were relaxed 

they were enjoying

each other’s company

now will they be uncomfortable

with each other really?

a new person in life

is it crowd?

or is it allowed?


they were in romance

they wanted to be alone

why has 3rd crept in?

to spoil their ideal combination.

will they be separated

coz of new thing in life

is it crowd?

or is it allowed?


It was a thundercloud

whom they disallowed

they didn’t say it aloud

but it was overcrowd

she had to fight with it

as only she or 3rd can survive


The 3rd entry has

disturbed the equillibrium of there life

they were now unsound

she will not be surround

if this 3rd one takes over its round.

the love was profound

but life was on a rebound


Linking with Bar-A-Thon 2018

Today’s prompt is: Three’s a Crowd



Barathon Badge 2018




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