One Too Many

The idiom is usually used in context with the consumption of alcoholic beverages. But as I’m not drunk right now so will relate it too blogging journey only. How? Well, Will be writing a bit about having ONE or TOO MANY blogs. Yes since I am not drunk so lets blog instead.

So, if you’ve had one too many, then you’ve had too much alcohol or too much confusion of maintaining more than one blogs.  Similarly as one drink of liquor is too much, that it leaves you intoxicated, in the same way, more than one page or I consider more than two is only chaotic confusion. I also had many blogs when I started my journey a few years back and later on realized even if they were like my kids whom I had created but it was very difficult to manage so many. I excitedly made many blogs, personal, poetry, food, travel, parenting etc.

Later it became difficult to manage and update all. so I stick to two for now. let’s see how well I go on this journey but I still crave to have a different blog for all niche but I control and create and update one two for now. As one is better than too many. Is that one too many?? Help me decide.  Ek se bhale do so can one too many is difficult?

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Today’s prompt is: One too many



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  1. Personally, I feel having more blogs is a bit confusing. If you are a professional blogger then keep one for that and one for personal journey. I have only one and I am happy with that. But that’s me. 🙂

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