Book Review – The Seed

May 2018 was a great month for 57 authors on Blog chatter, it helped us launch our E-books via Ebook carnival on their prestigious platform. Blog chatter gave this wonderful platform for especially amateur bloggers/ authors like me. I have learned a lot on this journey.

Here comes some more writing but this time it was to review books of other wonderful writers, which is a very difficult task for me. Although feedback does help every writer to improve further I feel, I am in no position to comment on any book as yet, being an amateur myself.

Here is my first eBook review, chosen via blog chatter with due responsibility.

Book title – The Seed

Author – Vedica Saxena

Pages – 36

Link – The-seed

The Seed is an author’s view on parenting this new generation. What we must and should teach our kids in these changing times is what author is trying to showcase. The author picks alphabets from A-Z and words related to it from each alphabet and connecting them to how parenting should be observed in present scenario, and presents a small step towards happy parenting! The author relates all subjects to own daughter and being a parent herself is able to convey message strongly.

The author writes on various points starting from A for attitude, that effects our belief, our potential, our decisions. C for courage, capability, conquer consciousness, positive energy, Freedom from bias, staying ‘Grounded’, staying connected with one’s own roots. The author points out that, we must prepare children to learn how to learn, not how to take a test. As parents, we are under the scanner of our children and so it’s all the more important to watch ourselves.  Parenting is a journey of leaving, exploring, growing, loving, laughing, faith, trust, making happy memories and much more; Responding to a situation is the need of the hour. Let our children believe that they are capable of everything in this world! Teach Our Children To Say ‘NO’. Parents Must Ditch Technology to Raise Kids Like It’s the 1980s – Parenting Requires A Healthy Balance Of Humility And Fierce Resolve. The author concludes the book with the chapter with examples of One Life To Live, One Life To Love- Make Sure You Make The Best.

All-in-all I related myself as a parent and obviously learned many aspects via this book.




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