L is for Leaves

Nature never cease to amaze me. It’s elements, It’s contents have always inspired me, motivated me, given me a lot to write and explore about.

Another beautiful sight in this series is leaf on a plant.

The fresh green leaf highlighted by sun.

Fresh, raw, unripe, immature leaves.


Various shades of green it shows, various colors of life it holds.

Be it new leaf of spring, or red leaf of fall, be it yellow leaf of autumn, or mature dark green of a huge tree. they are all beautiful in there own ways.

There are healing and medicinal leaves, There are decorative leaves that give the much soothing effect to our rooms, there are edible leaves, there are herbal leaf.

Nature through way of leaf has given us way of life.

They are the sign of growth, they are the sign of hope.

Be it leaves of curry leaf, or basil, or neem there are numerous laves that form a part of our life and help us to be close to nature with there use.

Be it any ailment, there is a solution in those leaves.

Need a hot tea for cold, add basil/ tulsi leaves to it.

Need to add flavor to food, add curry leaves to it.

Brahmi leaf or Tulsi leaf i help your brains,

Coriander leaf or Mint leaf I help enhance food flavor,

Amla leaf or aloevera leaf I help in better health,

Eucalyptus leaf or lemongrass leaf I give you essential oils.

Be it crushed form or poultice they have always been there since ages untold.



image courtesy – pixabay


Image result for One of the great lessons the fall of the leaf teaches, is this: do your work well and then be ready to depart when God shall call


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    1. Thanks for appreciating. Yes, leaves have a special power, aroma, value especially in Indian cooking have seen since childhood. Yes and we need to spread the word for future genet\rations too, so it doesn’t become past.

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