G is for Garden Greens

G is for Green     G is for garden

Why garden? because I feel that’s the closest one is to nature in his or her surroundings.




Creating a garden to spending time there, talking to plants, nurturing them is a very stress releasing and relaxing exercise.

There is something magical about gardens. How they inspire me, well the new flower is the new opportunity, removing weeds is like solving problems by handling them well, your hands in mud helps you connect to Earth well.

Steps and pathways, landscape and fountains. It’s a heavenly paradise where lilies and roses grow to show.

Sometimes new flowers and can be magical to see.



Have you read The Secret Garden a novel by Frances Hodgson Burnett. Its a story of a 10-year-old girl mary, who lives with her uncle in Yorkshire. She had heard many stories about the secret garden. Her friend has a pet named Robin, belonging to the gardener. Robin the sweet little bird knows about the key to the garden. While Robin was looking for a worm, Mary finds the rusty key to the walled secret garden. The garden has bushes of climbing roses.




Go Green is a word which is used at max in last few years.

So let’s go green, have a small garden to spend time with nature, create it nurture it, and be in sync with Panchtatwa’s.

Participating in #AtoZchallenge 2018 G is for Genre and

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  1. Watching a tiny green leaf sprout out of a seed and then watching it bear flowers and fruits is truly a satisfying experience.

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  2. Green is such a calming colour! There is so much joy that is indescribable when we sit in a garden with cool breeze. Nothing can beat that. That moment is peace itself.

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  3. Green is my fav color ever since my childhood.Maybe because I feel more lively seeing greens around. My parent’s house has a big garden and it is full of red roses and vegetables. Spending time there is healing, really. Watching a bud becoming a flower and plucking those homegrown vegetables is such a joy not possible in cities.

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    1. Wow, glad to know about a big garden at your parent’s house, surely it must be relaxing. Picking veggies so organic from gardenis really an experience.


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