B is for Beach

This is nature’s necklace and how can one miss it when talking about nature’s gift in this nature theme writing. Since I’m focussing on natural things that inspire me in this theme, Beach is one of my all-time favorites.

My best place in this world is any silent serene beach.


(The above picture I had clicked at Cannore, one of the beautiful beaches in God’s own country.)


I love and can spend hours on a beach, watch sea with waves, how it covers and uncovers a beach.

The beauty of the beach is how it becomes, how it forms itself naturally.

Every tide brings a new story to it, new things to it.

It’s the best combination of Earth, air, water, sky, So one of my favorites.

Beach tells us so much about life I feel, as see the regularity of waves that come to the shore nonstop, even if there are rocks or sand. Come what may Its wonderful yet full of surprises.

Try and spend just an hour at a beach, Seashore or even river bed, it is actually relaxing.


The waves just seem to whisper in your ears, you just have to listen to that inner voice.

beach is calling

Life’s a beach, isn’t it? It’s difficult but yet beautiful. It’s great and relaxing even if some troubled water touches you sometimes. It’s full of surprises every moment, every day.

Waves may knock you down, or throw you back, but if you don’t give up the entire ocean is yours.

Beaches have always been an inspiration to me.

Going out on a virgin or empty beach for that matter is like embracing your self, your own time.


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    1. Wow Wow Wow you live near a Beach, I’m seriously jealous. Enjoy the serenity and beauty its lovely. Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Who doesn’t love the beach? The gentle rise of the waves, the surf, the tranquility that one feels in beach is an indescribable feeling. Nice write.

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  2. Lovely images of beaches. They truly are a balm for the soul. My favorite lake – about two hours from where I live – is Lake Superior. The beaches along its long shoreline range from sandy to rocky to non-existent – just sheer cliffs. It is a magnificent stretch of beaches – each so unique from one another. Glad I stopped by from the Blogging from A to Z Challenge!

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    1. Wow that’s so lovely that your favorite lake is near to you. Its such a pleasnat feel to be at such places. Thanks for stopping by and reading.


  3. It really is tranquility in motion.I can spend hours on the beach too. I love the sound and effect of the crashing waves. We recently visited Kovalam beach and our guest house was overlooking the Kovalam beach. This picture brought back so many beautiful memories and images to mind. Thanks for that. 🙂

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    1. Wow, glad to know about about your recent visit to kovalam, it was near to the place i shared click here. Yes the sound and effect is very very soothing.


    1. Thanks for appreciating. Wow you are a beach bum, and yes its vastness is infinite and awesome.


  4. Wonderful post. I love beaches. On a warm day, I will walk to the beach in the park via the “scenic route,” along the Niagara River.I love to look at the water on my walking adventure, which is about 22 and a half km (14 miles). At the beach, there is a boardwalk to walk and and sand. It’s a bit of a long walk so, often, I go walking in the wildlife preserve that is closer for me. There is no beach but there are plenty of places to get close to the river. On a clear day, you can see the foam rising from Niagara Falls.

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    1. Thanks for appreciating. And wow a walk near niagara river, that must be awesome. Walk in wildlife preserve wow now I’m jealous.


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