Hello Sun!

The Beautiful Sun-rays from north part of Incredible India.


Wordless yet I speak volumes.

The rising sun,the Valleys in front,

The mountain so sturdy, the river so soft,

The sun peeps out of clouds,

Tells us it’s yet another day to feel proud.

The sky so clear, Welcomes spring so dear.

Sometimes life is clear, sometimes it’s not,

But mornings give us yet another reason to love the life oh dear!


Nature speaks volumes in valleys, mountains, rivers, clouds, and the Sun.

I’m thankful for such blessed views that I can admire.

I’m thankful to nature for such beautiful things around me.

I’m thankful to The Sun, The Sky.

I’m thankful that i get to live in such beautiful natural paradise.

I’m thnakful that the sun rises daily to give yet another day full of hope.

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  1. Thank you Esha @http://theskygirl.com. It was my pleasure to be part of wordlessWednesdasy with you.


    1. Thanks for joining us for #WW, Pragun and for sharing such a thought-provoking beautiful post! Sometimes, all we need is that little spark of inspiration to set us for the rest of the day. YOur post does it for me!


  2. Your post is so very inspiring and hopeful. Yes the sun brings in rays of hope and sunshine to envelope our being with post an arduous night sometimes.
    Thank you for linking up with Esha and me for #WordlessWednesday. Keep those posts coming.

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