Nothing is permanent

This too shall pass, so true.

Life gives us laughs and pains,

Happiness and sorrows

and they all come with an expiry date is what I will say.

They come, take there lead and then next chapter has to be taken on.

This too shall pass is a Persian/ Hebrew adage but how true for complete human kind universally.

I love the quote.

Even if things seem to occur of happenstance, still they are not permanent.

Change is constant and we need to believe in it.

Every moment, situation is temporary and we as humans should enjoy, utilize and live that very moment completely.

I too have personally experienced this in my life, and can surely say that only thing that help is patience.

I lost many people, the void was big, but then time healed it and that too passed.

I didn’t find the opportunity, kept cribbing, but that too passed.

But patience is always needed.

Image result for sometimes things take time so just be patientpic courtesy brainy quote

Have you heard it is sometimes said to kids that don’t laugh too much else you will have to cry…. this is a way to say this phrase in different way.

Sometimes you are dull, sometimes you are filled with energy, accept it that way!

Some-days are lazy some are like even 24hrs are less, accept it that way!

January I was traveling and February toes were moving on its own, there was no full stop. My local secretary job, guests at home, studies, all kept me occupied, was not able to meet few dead lines, but i only had patience with me.





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