What this Song says

So which song am I listening to today…Hello music…. shake shake….and here it is….This is one of my favorites…

A song from Marathi movie “natsamrat” A famous movie based on an Old classic novel about overcoming hurdles in life.

This song ” khel mandala” meaning the game is set.

Khel Mandal

The things are already set we cant change them but we can try and survive.

So true in life.

तुझ्या पायरीशी कुनी सान थोर न्हाई

साद सुन्या काळजाची तुझ्या कानी जाई

O Lord only you can listen to prayers, and all are equal at your doorstep.

No one is rich or poor and all prayers reach your ear.

तरी देवा सरं ना ह्यो भोग कशापायी

हरवली वाट दिशा अंधारल्या दाही

All directions I see is only darkness, I am lost.

Still, my sufferings seem to have no end.

ववाळुनी उधळतो जीव मायबापा

वनवा ह्यो उरी पेटला, खेळ मांडला

I am restless, I m afraid, but no point because I know Game is all set!

सांडली गा रीतभात घेतला वसा तुझा

तूच वाट दाखीव गा खेळ मांडला

दावी देवा पैलपार पाठीशी तू र्‍हा हुबा

ह्यो तुझ्याच उंबर्‍यात, खेळ मांडला

I abandoned everything, Now you only have to show me the way.

Please guide me my father, my lord

Please stand by me and give me the strength to play the game called life in your world.

I m relying on you to help me perform.

उसवलं गनगोत सारं आधार कुनाचा न्हाई

भेगाळल्या भुईपरी जीणं अंगार जीवाला जाळी

The net of the relatives & family supporters is torn

They have rejected me and discouraged and ignored me.

I have no one whom I can say is mine

I feel like burning sun is taking its burning heat inside the cracks of my body.

बळ दे झुंजायाला किरपेची ढाल दे

इनविती पंचप्रान जिव्हारात ताल दे

Give me the strength to fight, and shield of compassion.

Give me forgiveness

करपलं रान देवा, जळलं शिवार

तरी न्हाई धीर सांडला, खेळ मांडला.

The field is on fire,  is all burnt to ashes, nothing is remaining now,

But I still have hope because the game is already set.

We cant do anything but try and try.

It is one of the best meaningful songs I have ever heard.

Cribbing and whining are not the solution to any problem. Self-pity is also living in hell. Once the journey through darkness is towards the end one can see the light but that lit way one has to walk then only can you see the path.

It’s our boat of life and we have to row it with our hands gently. God will show us the way.

Image result for never give up god has decided

While I sit on my Terminal, it creates a pattern of life that sure will make me nostalgic in years to come and wait with Bated Breath not to be disobedient because you can choose courage or you can choose comfort but you cannot have both, else you will be a monster for yourself to fight for searching for positive heart prints in his/ her favorite songs.


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