Monster – a frightening imaginary creature…. well then for sure my lil ones are no less than monsters.

There is one nice monster that is non-living in my house, which is lying here or there somewhere, comes between my legs that I actually fall. It goes vroom vroom vroom. real monster making ugly noises. But this monster truck is completely harmless.

It’s the other monster that’s dangerous. Its not visible thats why its more dangerous. these which are visible are only names we give but they are harmless.

Today I m thinking of yet another monster and that’s the monster within us.

The negative thinker, the ill-doer.

It is neither a sea monster or a prehistoric monster.

It is neither an extraordinary size nor malformed type.

It’s within us and it’s of no shape or size.

It’s cruel, frightening, and evil in its own way coz it’s harming us in every way.

It’s in corruption, It’s in terrorism, It’s in cheating, It’s in ill-treating.

There are types of monsters inside the body and one needs to kill them first. For the money, people are killing siblings. For property families are getting broken, for corruption the talented are losing their jobs. The monster of corruption is eating the rights of common man. Money has become the monster.

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Just celebrating Dussehra is not win over evil. Even Ravana was an intelligent soul. We need to kill the monster within. We need to take evil thoughts aside. For making the world a beautiful place, first, beautiful thoughts have to take place. Women are raped, where are moral values, bringing them back will kill the monster. Parents have to leave their own houses, living together will kill the monster. Happiness is going out of windows. We are copying other cultures and our traditions are losing values, respect them first, that will kill the monster. When a woman can walk freely without any fear that will be the day of Dussehra when real monster will be killed. When people will not fear when a girl child is born.

First kill the ill monster within the self of jealousy, insecurity, depression, vengeance, comparison etc. Think of positive and togetherness. Feed the hero, the angel in you. We all had read the story of Beauty and the beast….monster who when gets love turns into a real prince. So spread love, spread togetherness, spread positivity.

They say its kalyug, the yug. the time of vice. But we as humans can only work upon it and make it golden yug.

Choose courage to fight evil, to say no to ill practices that will kill the monster.

Those who are actually fighting with deadly diseases or struggle of life, very well know how to fight with monsters.



While I sit on my Terminal, it creates a pattern of life that sure will make me nostalgic in years to come and wait with Bated Breath not to be disobedient because you can choose courage or you can choose comfort but you cannot have both, else you will be a monster for yourself to fight for searching for positive heart prints in his/ her favourite songs.

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  1. Just like charity begins at home, taming the monster too should begin with the self. Unless and until we tame the monster within us, we cannot tame those that are lurking outside making life hell for all beings on earth.

    Lovely take on the prompt Pragun.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. True. Only if we fight and stand up to it, can we kill the monster. I loved how your put Kal Yug and Golden Yug together. 🙂 Kill the monster within – Nice take on the prompt.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for reading and appreciating my post. Yes, kalyug has turned like a monster, we need to make this world a better place.


  3. It’s hard to tame the monster within, but when we learn life becomes easy. And yes, at times that innocent and harmless toy truck looks like a monster. 😛

    Liked by 1 person

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