Bated Breath

Eager, Anxious, Excited, frightened, anticipation, suspense…whats up!….

holding your breath…why are you with bated breath…. What next ?? clueless…Restless…

I read this word after a long long time. Dates me back to those literature reads of college by Shakespeare who writes “with bated breath and whisperin humbleness in the Merchant of Venice.”

I stood there with the receiver in my hand with bated breath when that life changing news came to me. Restless and clueless i awaited with short breaths which were not ready to pass. Clock would walk past very slowly realising me that time is not running but every moment every second is ages to live. Trapped in past memories, cluttred, splattered, in bits and pieces.

When you are not sure of future or even the next moment the breathing automatically looses its rhythm. How many plan we make, how many paper drafts we prepare, but exam is always what we don’t know about. what’s in store for us is all we are not known about.

I cant forget that night when with bated breath i just wished the news was not true. I skipped my breath literally after i heard the news. And was wishing it not to be true at all. Stomach had butterflies, emotions i couldnt hold, tears rolled down without a pause, words were not falling out of mouth.

When it’s the matter of Life and Death it automatically takes away your breathing and with bated breath one looses control over mind and soul both. When thing sar enot in out hands, not in our hardwork, neither in our luck nothing just nothing is in our favour it seems.

So anxiously i waited that one more call will say that the news was false. I so so wished those breaths should come back again. lump in the throat had no where to go, neither could i swallow, nor get rid of it.

The night was sleepless, the bed was uncomfortable, scanned all news channels to confirm hoping its not there, phone dialed the number again and cancelled it ‘n’ number of times….

Slowly the night passed the new sun rose and nature gave me indication that life must go on.

While I sit on my Terminal, it creates a pattern of life that sure will make me nostalgic in years to come and wait with Bated Breath not to be disobedient because you can choose courage or you can choose comfort but you cannot have both, else you will be a monster for yourself to fight for searching for positive heart prints in his/ her favourite songs.



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Friday, Oct. 13 – PROMPT = Bated Breath

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  1. Some things in life are extremely difficult and what makes it hard is not knowing what to expect, not knowing whether things will work out and whether we will get through it. But change is the only constant and what doesn’t kill us, makes us stronger.

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