Monday, Oct. 9 – PROMPT = Terminal

When I read this prompt I was clueless. I imagined of airport terminal, I thought of to end or termination, I even thought of  fixed period of time, I even thought of an electronic device providing access to input/ output as in computer terminal especially in offices, a point of connection, it can be either extremity and lot many thoughts passed through the air of my mind. It also reminded me of the comedy-drama movie with the same name “the terminal”  It’s a word with varied meanings.

So what am I writing about, Well since I m sitting on my PC writing and connecting with the virtual world through this favorite space of mine, I will write about My computer terminal. My terminal, My workstation is my lifeline, it not only refreshes me, also helps me to stay connected to the beautiful world of the blogosphere,  co-bloggers. I know myself, I find myself through this terminal via writing.


My computer terminal is my canvas, my black board, my blank paper, it’s my arty world that helps me put my creative foot forward and active always.

I can create and write my wish, my thoughts, my musings

My Friends live in this virtual world that helps me think, create, write, imagine. I have made many friends out there just because this terminal was with me as a bridge to fill the gap between me and the world.

I write

I create

I live

I breathe

My terminal is my space

my canvas

to create memories

to spread positivity

to understand myself

While I sit on my Terminal, it creates a pattern of life that sure will make me nostalgic in years to come and wait with Bated Breath not to be disobedient because you can choose courage or you can choose comfort but you cannot have both, else you will be a monster for yourself to fight for searching for positive heart prints in his/ her favourite songs.



I am taking part in The Write Tribe Problogger October 2017 Blogging Challenge

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    1. Thanks for reading my post. Yes, Computer terminal is really a lifeline for webloggers.


  1. I agree with you that computer terminal is also like a lifeline for a blogger. In fact it’s very useful In every field and actually a life line for all. Very well you connecting this terminal. Creative mind.


  2. This is the most important place for us as it is instrumental in connecting each one of us. Great connotation of the prompt. And the last line with all the three prompts was wonderful!


    1. Thanks for reading my post. Yes, that’s the basic terminal for computer users and webloggers like us.


  3. So interesting that you thought of your computer/work space. That would not have been where my mind would have taken me. In fact, having just finished reading John Green’s 2012 novel “The Fault in Our Stars,” my thoughts immediately went to a diagnosis: terminal. I like your interpretation much better. It’s much more positive. Thanks for the post! 🙂


    1. Thanks for reading and appreciating. Earlier I had also thought of terminal in illness but yes wanted to be more positive and approaching. and while sitting on my workstations it clicked me instantly.


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