September Story

Sorry you are leaving—- I can say this to September this year specially for many reasons.

Yes September 2017 gave me this sorry feeling when my mother had to leave her job of several years and Location too where she had spent years working and struggling together and i was unable to share her emotions.

It was a date to remember, September 5th 2017….When life closed and opened doors.

Sorry aai (mom) as i call her. Sorry that i was not around you at this time. It was a change a big change for you and your age. You had served years at this location, at this workplace, at this city, at this moment. While leaving from memories, sorry i was not around you to share the emotions. I missed it and I missed a lot in life with you.

Life somehow moved and we both were occupied to keep ourselves survive that i was unable to have that strong mother daughter relation with you.

As life’s struggle only gave us time to cope with life. I was never a daughter the one you had wanted me to be…. I was with lots of ifs and buts i feel. I was not able to get that dream career as you had expected. I had dreams to do a lot for you but sorry I couldn’t do all that i had thought.

I don’t know how can i show gratitude for all things you did for me, you are my ideal strong women who fought all her life and made me the person I am. I am thankful for all the love and upbringing.

This week i lay in my bed restless and confused and filled with random thoughts about future.

Its gonna be difficult for you in new place and new era of life. But its a new sunrise again with new hopes and new day.

Sorry for not being there with you



Thanks Corinne for this prompt, I know your loss is bigger….Linking with #MondayMusings monday-musings

I am writing for MicroblogMondays #159

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This is my first entry about the month that went by with Gratitude in mind. Linking this with Gratitude Circle Bloghop hosted by Vidya Sury.



    1. Thanks for reading my post
      Yes corinne i too hope its all for some good reason, Life is a surprise and we can just try.


  1. A relation between mother and daughter is very different. A mother is always strict and precise about her daughter’s upbringing. Sometimes the reason behind that would be in hoping her daughter life to not end up like hers or sometimes to make them tough for the struggles that her daughter has to face, their genuine concern would always be to make their daughter’s strong! There is so much love hidden in those actions and so much thoughtfulness about our future in their anger.
    Stay strong!


    1. You are so very right Keerthi, so much is hidden in those actions, sometimes we understand sometimes it’s too late.
      Thanks for reading.

      Liked by 1 person

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