Namaskar” & Welcome 🙏🏼

Thank you for visiting Pragun Tatwa – An Indian blogazine By an Indian og mom. It’s a Save & Share blogazine.

To Share ideas, share thoughts, share timeless tales, Share thoughtful moments, share happiness, share travel experiences, share recipes, Share tasty journeys, share memories, Share sustainable living practices & zero waste lifestyle. AND To Save culture, save earth, save trees, save water, save traditions, Save nature, save resources.

I am very passionate about panch-tatwa’s of life, The word ‘Pancha-tatwa‘ originates from Sanskrit, where “panch” stands for five and “tatwa” indicates elements.

Staying in harmony with Nature, Keeping a balance in panch-tatwas of nature, balancing all the 5 fingers together for wellness and well-being and making choices towards a healthy and fulfilling life is my aim.

Welcome to Panch tattvas of my life

Following the universal law of life, everything on this planet is composed of five basic elements or the “panch mahabhutas”.

This is my cosmos where I associate my Tatwa magazine with these 5 elements.

Air(Vayu), Water(Jal), Fire(Agni), Earth(Prithvi), and Sky/Space(Akash).

I associate my blogs with these life elements:-

  • Water/Rain free flowing with random personal thoughts.
  • Fire as Agni with Food experiments.
  • Air as aura with festivals and traditions.
  • Sky as travel coach with Travel Experiences.
  • Earth with Mother earth, Parenting and growing up with children.


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Nature is canvas, random are thoughts.

Straight & honest is the soul. It’s all an art.